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Yunlvgufen in accordance with relevant regulations, the enterprise reporting, local preliminary examination, expert reviews, publicity and HT6035 other procedures, were identified as high-tech enterprise, recently won the Science and Technology Department of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, Department of Finance, Yunnan State Taxation, Local Taxation Bureau of Yunnan Province jointly issued the "high-tech enterprise certificate", found valid for three years.

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Yunlvgufen known as the Kingdom is located in Yunnan, known as non-ferrous metal, is supported by the state, one of the 14 aluminum, size and HT6035 main technical and economic indicators in the nation forefront of the aluminum industry, the country's 512 key support One of the state-owned enterprises, has been named "the most development potential in China 50 listed companies." Abundant hydropower resources in Yunnan Province, the company by strengthening management, improving efficiency, achieving power consumption of 1.36 million kWh / ton, reached the world advanced level, ranking first in the country. Therefore, the company's cost advantage prominent.