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Aluminum and HT611670 Rio Tinto Rio Tinto deal will involve the assets of a number of countries in the world, so many countries need regulatory approval. Earlier, in March 25 and 31, the transaction has received the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the head of the German Federal Competition Bureau approval. U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) "nod", the front left of aluminum the most critical and most difficult hurdle to cross --- Australian Foreign Investment Review Committee (FIRB) approval.

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Chinalco Henan Branch to implement low consumption of resources, high environmental benefits of cleaner production model a long time. Since 1958, the company's continued commitment to the production process optimization, introduction of advanced equipment and HT611670 leaking governance, the number of process, technology, environmental indicators has been the leading domestic counterparts. Particularly in recent years, the face of increasing scarcity of resources, the reality of the deteriorating environment, the company further increase the clean production, energy saving investment, from the use of clean raw materials, process technology innovation, production equipment, and updating, waste recycling and safe waste processing, and many focus on starting the whole process of further implementation of cleaner production and all-round energy savings.