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HT6221 Features

HT6221 Ratings

Has always been a "benchmark price," said the Shenzhou computer professional with a strong power, excellent product quality and HT6221 perfect after-sales service to win the majority of Chinese consumers love. Shenzhou series is even based on its elegant design and exquisite quality of the top leading the changes in the global notebook, this has a dual-core processor Core 2P8700, GT130M graphics card, 4G memory and a 550G hard drive Shenzhou elegant HP88D5 notebook, the same price on the 5K Shenzhou elegant writing a series of unbeaten myth.

HT6221 Pinout

Configuration: Intel Core 2P8700 elegant HP880D5 using dual-core processor, with Intel PM45 ICH9M Express Chipset, graphics card graphics cards using GT130M, 4G memory, 550G hard drive, built-in DVDRW burner, built-in 2 million pixel camera. Built-in 10/100/1000Mbps Fast Ethernet cards, wireless side, Intel's WifiLink5100AGN802.11a/g/n wireless card.