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German chemical giant BASF (BASF) in the first quarter sales fell to 12.22 billion euros, net profit fell 68% to 3.75 billion euros, the company expects its 2009 revenue and HT6222002 earnings will fall further. Mainly due to declining demand for the global chemicals company from the automotive and construction demand for the two major industrial customers no signs of improvement. Faced with these grim figures, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the given "to pick up a quarter of China's petrochemical industry," expected, BASF (China) Co., Ltd., said Johnny Kwan, president of a cautious attitude. After all, the chemical market is bottoming, and the direction towards the second quarter of development, remains to be seen.

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German Red Dot Award is a worldwide top design award is one of the most important, with 50 years of history, been known as“ industrial design Oscar”, with in recognition of the automotive, construction, household, electronics, fashion, life sciences and HT6222002 medicine, and many other achievements in the field, is a global trends in industrial design and development of the vane. 2010 red dot product design award attracted participants from 57 countries and regions over 1636 international design works in the company's 4252 competition, eligible, countries, companies and products than the 2009 average annual number has increased enormously, the selection competitive process is more intense and rigorous than in previous years. Red Dot Award in 2010 by a panel of senior 30 different countries from around the world design masters, experts, scholars, professors, they are within their respective areas of authority, the red dot award review process and strive to maximize the independence and impartiality, Only the industry truly outstanding products and excellent design can be granted“ red dot” awards. People and water, sanitary bathroom in the starry peers come to the fore, to obtain“ Red Dot Award” the affirmative, who represents the water bath and the industry has the world's most outstanding design quality, enterprise strength is not small watch for.