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As HPv3000 Series family of one, HPv3805 adhering to the design of the series, simple dark gray is still the main colors, the overall workmanship is very fine, clean lines and HT6222 generous, the same surface covered with a new version of the flag "Q". However, unlike the previous version, HPv3803 removed HPv3000 series of high-end models have the piano paint and Obscure, eliminating the need for the design of light according to people in exchange for a low-key and after the calm, temperament and unique. Machine still uses HPImprint technology, superior ability to wear scratch.

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This Gateway notebook is not only impressive configuration, the use of dual-core processor T2330, 160G large hard drive, equipped with a 965 motherboard, and HT6222 the use of piano in the shell, net price 4699 yuan, once again demonstrates the "cow" the rich and powerful, for a foreign brand , it can sell the copies has been very definitely a worthy reference. GatewayT-6307C ago has sold more than 6000, now belongs to Wei Huo stage, we need to then have to hurry up.