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China's housing system reform in the design of the idea of the full draw when the Western countries in the improvement efforts of public housing security system and HT6230 exploration. 1998 "State Council's decision on deepening the housing system" (that is No.23) clearly states: in the classification of the implementation of the housing supply system, that is, the supply of high-income housing, the supply of low-income housing with a certain economy of social security affordable housing, the supply of low-income housing, social security contains more low-rent housing. This is the correct choice for China's national conditions, but in the later practice, we intentionally or unintentionally, to deviate from the guidelines in an attempt to fully market-oriented approach to solve the housing problem.

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From the practice of housing system, affordable housing allocation in the operating problems faced by the market parties strongly condemned the policy of affordable housing will make the appropriate changes, for example, in Beijing in early October launch of the "economic affordable housing buy-back system "is a good way, the future of other cities in the country affordable housing policy is likely to have to follow the practice in Beijing. In our current housing security system, low-cost housing is also an important form, but the current coverage of low-rent housing limited to urban low populations, these populations accounted for about 1% of the urban population, the future coverage of low-rent housing should be have increased substantially, the Government will increase by a substantial supply of low-cost housing to ease the housing market the way the structural contradictions.