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"In fact, almost all of the traditional stove existence of such problems, it related to the quality with the hood, but the most important of the stove itself, its combustion efficiency is not enough, it did not result in complete combustion of the gas 'ran out'. In fact, the problem not bad as simple as that, most importantly, a security risk. "Shuaikang Electric Sales Company Marketing Manager of Henan Liu Mingkun said.

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" Fact, apart from the China Steel Association said there is no final, the domestic steel market has begun to accept and HT6510 digest the long association of iron ore 33% decline of the news. " For the moment large steel enterprises such as Baosteel raised steel product prices, a steel industry analysis, which might have been the outcome of the negotiations for the preparation of iron ore, because the price of 33% compared with the current iron ore prices is tantamount to price increases , in order to keep profit margins will naturally be a corresponding increase in product prices.