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" we have the relevant certification testing began, there have been last year, the related enterprises to detect. "June 20, the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of electrical and HT6513B electronic food safety regulator said a staff member, in addition, enterprises can also make food safety regulator other agencies to provide the legal test certificate. Many foreign institutions have Tide beach testing, providing testing services related products.

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" We have received the bank's notification, saying that two sets of mortgage policy will be tightened, but the specific standards have not yet finalized, it is estimated this week will have a clear view. "Qianjiang Vice housing market Cheng Jian, director, said the company is currently for sale but the margin in the little rainbow hardcover Villa luxury items, because of better customer financial strength, the effect would not be significant. "It should improve the type of demand that will be a greater impact, the policy adjustment in the purchase of the crowd involved, improve the type of people on the sensitivity of the purchase cost is higher than investment-type people; same time, because you can buy may have been buy, policy tightening will also directly affect the confidence of their purchase 。"