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Participants around the innovative energy technologies, energy efficiency, China and HT6523 the U.S. business areas such as venture capital model is discussed, the two countries on specific topics, including energy and transportation system policies, climate policy contrast, solar power, water and energy, wind power, hybrid and alternative fuel technologies, smart grid, the green information technology, green building, energy, clean energy venture capital, energy, environment and sustainable development, innovation and education. American experts also conducted a post-quake reconstruction needs special study.

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They say, look at the quality of life of a family, kitchen is the best comment. Do not ask an owner of the quality of life, the natural appetite of the Creator will not - spend too much effort kitchen. Home kitchen represents the best scenario: Imagine a family sitting around the table edge enjoyable taste of the owner of the masterpiece. Set in the kitchen, the cupboard is no doubt accounted for the largest heads, the cabinet of a small detail, for the future lives of Mizu far-reaching. We often see or hear that distinctive characteristics which brand of cabinets, original design is very subtle. For example, a damper design can bring great convenience, not to mention the ever-changing panels, table material, business hinges consumer demand, and HT6523 consumers the most basic requirements of the kitchen is clean, environmentally friendly, easy to play management.