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Digital copiers into the market from the beginning, the rapid expansion of market share, from previous years and HT75501 the status of simulator equal shares to the current account for the vast majority of the copier market share, and now, all copier manufacturers basically stopped producing analog copiers, only Toshiba, Sharp and a few other manufacturers also left several. Judging from this year's sales of digital copiers have occupied nearly 90% market share, which also marks the digital copier has basically dominated the copier market.

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In 2006, China's copier market, figure competition, the major manufacturers are Canon, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, Ricoh and HT75501 so on. One, Canon, Sharp and Toshiba in the first front, more fierce competition, market share or less; and Panasonic, Ricoh, Kyocera, etc. followed; since 2005, Ricoh and Kyocera good market performance, market share has been rising steadily, overtaking the Konica Minolta and Fuji Xerox. Currently, these companies market share in the copier or less, competition is fierce between the market structure is not stable.