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Editorial: Asus EeePC1101HA Internet using elegant and ICL7106CPL beautiful shells inspired design; with white, black, pink, blue, red gradient, choose Gradient Blue, 11.6-inch 1366× 768 resolution HD wide-screen, bringing enjoy movies, view photos of the perfect experience and enjoy a great video experience; technology with ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine SHE, life longer than 7.5 hours; chocolate with ergonomic keyboard, typing more comfortable feeling.

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ASUS EeePC1101HA the Internet with IntelAtomZ520 (1.33GHz frequency / 512KB secondary cache), 1GBDDR2 memory, 160GB (5400 turn / SATA interface) hard drive, integrated graphics chip IntelGMA950, 11.6-inch (16:9 / 1366× 768 resolution) display, body weight about 1.38KG.