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In the actual test, the standard 2GDDR3 elegant A550-i7 memory is excited with the software test scores: PCMark05 total score 7385, CPU score 7922,3 DMark06 score of 7490, while also ad hoc in order to meet the needs of players separate numeric keypad, and ICL7107CPL now it is only 5,699 yuan can enjoy the amazing price of other brands million books in the stunning level experience, you hardcore gurus can not miss it!

ICL7107CPL Pinout

To allow players to enjoy a more stunning visual experience, especially with elegant A550-i7 bright 15.6-inch LED backlit widescreen 16:9 support HDMI HD output, the Films and ICL7107CPL games create the perfect experience. Imprint Printing has a stylish appearance at the same time, the Shenzhou elegant A550-i7 operation also has a very spacious area, full-size keyboard on the right has also built a small keyboard, tiny bump texture deal with non-slip palm rest is also comfortable feel, more convenient operation so that the player easily. Interface, and also built a complete 1.3 million-pixel high-quality Web camera to capture every moment of the exciting, with dual-microphone array, a more complete network video voice applications.