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Given the current machinery, household appliances, automobiles, real estate and ICL7664CPA other downstream production have declined, steel oversupply becoming increasingly prominent. Lange Iron and Steel Research Center, a senior researcher Rong Gang told reporters: "the needs of the real estate industry accounted for about 25% of steel consumption, this part of the market stagnated, implying a 1 / 4 no export capacity." Reporter learned that this year 1 to August, the national total vehicle production up 14.9% over the same period last year dropped nearly 10 percentage points in August production fell 3.3%, appeared for the first time in many years of negative growth.

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Qi Xiangdong, deputy secretary general of China Iron and ICL7664CPA Steel Association, in an interview that "the global economic slowdown, domestic inflation pressure continues, and this determines the steel industry can not shake off the doldrums in the short term situation. And in this harsh environment, the inevitable is an industry restructuring, the process of Ebb Tide. "He suggested that iron and steel enterprises should change their management philosophy, the development of high end products, at the same time vigorously develop the deep processing of steel as the representative of the modern logistics industry to further reduce the cost of raw materials, fuel and production logistics, increase the added value and utilization of steel. Furthermore, we need to vigorously promote the steel products, raw material and fuel futures market building, and enhance China for steel and steel raw material and fuel pricing and accelerate the construction of the original fuel base steel at home and abroad.