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Lenovo ThinkPadX200t (7450DF1) Lenovo ThinkpadX200t very good feel of the hand, a strong practical performance machine, ThinkPad quality world-class event, is absolutely flat top commercial products. Function, the aluminum-magnesium alloy roll cage has been extended to allow X200t have a stable, durable and ICL7665ACPA so on. The model used in the configuration of low-voltage Core 2 Duo processor, longer battery life, go out to work to meet your daily needs. 12,800 yuan now offer this model, potential buyers and distributors of friends can get in touch.

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Editorial: eMachines brand as a subsidiary of Acer derivative series, the quality of the brand in the United States has the support of high cost. Recently, a eMachinesD725 (431G25Mi) burst models of ultra low-cost 3200 yuan, definitely worth buying. The Acer eMachinesD725 (431G25Mi) with Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 processor, with 1GB memory and ICL7665ACPA 250GB hard drive, basically meet the needs of daily office, and interested friends may wish to look at.