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However, it may also precisely because of this reason. Late last year, Intel released the new N450 Atom processor to replace the existing mobile level AtomN280 and INA128UA N270 processor. According to reports, the processor is based on Intel's latest Pine-Trail platform, compared with the previous generation processor, IntelAtomN450 in the package size by 60% in average 20% lower power consumption, smaller package size to as OEM manufacturers to provide a broader design space; lower power consumption also makes the life time of the machine itself to be more greatly improved.

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Editorial: Y460A-ITH Lenovo notebook with Hamdbag design; 14-inch bright LCD screen, built a 1.3 million-pixel high-definition camera; screen border and INA128UA palm rests with piano technology, ivory and metal palm rest gray color of two colors to choose from; hardware with Intel Core Duo processor and HD5650 i3-330M Memory 1GB graphics card; hard drive upgrade to 320GB (7200 rpm), the Beijing market, selling a white 5450 yuan, 5700 yuan for sale gray.