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Founder R660-420 features a unique one-button noise, noise with just a click button, it can slow down the fan to run, effectively reduce the noise. This is more sensitive to external noise is particularly useful to consumers, so that you stay away from the noise disturbance, into the fantasy "quiet" sector. Moreover, low speed fan does not affect the cooling capacity of R660-420 because it uses an advanced ventilation design, application of a large area of heat sink ensure excellent heat dissipation, so you will love this in any way "BBQ . "

INA148UA Pinout

Configuration, Founder R660-420 for the 1.6GHz frequency used by the Intel Celeron processor 520, standard 512MDDR Ⅱ memory, 80GSATA hard drive, Combo burner, fully meet the daily use. 14.1-inch glossy widescreen display also allows you to use at any time to enjoy the fun brought large. Interfaces, v has 4 USB2.0 port, 1 VGA port, a microphone and INA148UA headphone jack, an RJ45 interface, an ExpressCard slot. In addition to the user ease of future upgrades, R660 is equipped with two memory slots. 1 MiniCard slot is reserved for consumers to extend the wireless network card can easily be used.