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Edit Summary: As the saying goes, you pay for. While the general price laptop cheaper than before, but really want to buy a body designed to excel in the products work on better products, not the million is Nabuxialai's. Sony VPC-Z119GC is a such a product. It has almost all the heart of the selling point for consumers, is well-deserved 13-inch thin and IR2110 light class of notebooks Wong. Those notebooks are higher, but also has a strong purchasing power of the business elite who can think about this product.

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Lenovo ThinkPadX201i3249JFC LED-backlit 12.1-inch wide-screen (1280 × 800 resolution) design, equipped with Intel Core Duo processor i3 330M (2.13GHz GHz / 3MB three-level cache), Intel QM57 chipset, 2GBDDR31066MHz memory, 250GB hard drive and IR2110 Intel GMAHD integrated graphics. Currently, it's dealers offer for 6999 yuan.