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IR2112S Features

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Tongfang S30I-46 (silver) Tongfang S30I body size is 322mm× 239mm× 17-25mm, body weight 1.4Kg (with battery). It uses 13-inch LED-backlit wide-screen design, screen 16:10 aspect ratio, resolution 1280× 800. Tongfang S30I body provides the following interfaces: 2 USB2.0 Interface, VGA interfaces, HDMI high-definition interface, RJ-45 port, 1 audio input / output port, card reader.

IR2112S Pinout

Recently, the newer models of Samsung's R428-DS0M there has been a sudden drop in the price of laptops, this product configuration is not only high but also being used quite leather case design is very suitable fashion home users. In the configuration it uses a Core Duo processor, P7, and IR2112S with a separate graphics card, it should be said that not too many good questions, and fully meet the needs of family entertainment with a certain user's needs. Now it's currently priced at 3,699 yuan, compared with 200 the previous month's decline, the price was not bad.