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"Saturday the Troops" in Figure 1 for the third phase ready to buy your notebook, which presumably want to buy undervalued products! It's a bit like the NBA's draft, as the value of low-cost, low Amoy to pick a player every manager is the most fun thing; and IR2113S flowers selected for the high-shun high-priced players, and once by the parallel track if verified as , a waste of money do not say, is undoubtedly a heavy blow. So, notebook buy, how to avoid being in the advertising flicker, and the election to the genuine products?

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"Saturday the Troops" on Figure 2 for the third line you do not know, if you want to be underestimated from a notebook selected not easy, luck may take you to complete this mission, it is only luck; the choice of being a high assessment of the notebook, inadvertently can do, even if you carefully avoid, the last is also difficult to escape! This is mainly well-store sales of the elite will convey to you the authenticity of some products to asymmetric information, thus creating asymmetric price and IR2113S value sales, you will not want to step into such a trap it!