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IRF630 Features

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Acer's latest notebook graphics i5 HD5650 immediate concern, the model Aspire4745G (332G32Mn), this notebook is equipped with hardware IntelCorei3-330M (2.13GHz GHz / 3MB three-level cache) processor, IntelHM55 motherboard chipset, 2GBDDR3 RAM, 320GB (5400 / SATA interface) hard drive, DVD burner, ATIMobilityRadeonHD5650 (1GB memory / 128bit bit wide) graphics card, 14-inch (1366 × 768 resolution) was not screen, body weight about 2.3KG, clearly prove safety Lenovo Y460A.

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Deeply concerned about the Lenovo Y460A origin, it uses the new Intel Core i3-330M processor, 2GB of memory, 320GB7200 rpm hard drive, most attention is that it continues the sturdy little Y's sturdy, with a 1GB video memory ATIMobilityRadeonHD5650 graphics card, it's very good entertainment. However, the success of Y450A also reminded of other manufacturers began to notice a high-performance notebook market, Acer in particular, arranged several products against the Y460A, Y460A Lenovo is currently under siege, the price is listed at the beginning it is not as strong, with the latest price of 5700 transaction.