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IRF640 Features

IRF640 Ratings

Samsung has recently launched a processor with Core i3 books, model R429-DS01, this notebook uses Sapphire piano paint appearance, fashion outstanding, the use of mainstream 14-inch widescreen 16:9 golden ratio, with the hardware i3-330M Core processor, excellent performance, the graphics card is added nVIDIA310M graphics card, more than enough to cope with ordinary 3D games, books provide a 2GB memory and IRF640 320GB hard drive, to provide users with enough storage space, the latest price of 5299 yuan, cost-effective further enhanced.

IRF640 Pinout

Hardware configuration, the Samsung R429-DS01 by IntelCorei3-330M dual-core processor, clocked at 2.13GHz, with a IntelHM55 motherboard chipset, joined nVIDIAGeForce310M discrete graphics, a good overall performance, meet the ordinary 3D game is basically not a problem, store , the books provide a 2GBDDR3 memory and IRF640 high-capacity 320GB hard drive, and provides a DVD burner, a good solution to the needs of storage users, but in order to save costs, which does not load the operating system.