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Introduction: As the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield, these words is not false. The notebook computer, for example, in order to attract customers, in order to capture the market, the major brand notebook vendors, major notebook dealers are carrying the flame between. Now is the era of market economy, consumers do not want to buy your stuff, you can not force people to buy. So how do we make consumers willing to buy you things? Very simple, as long as consumers know what to buy your stuff than to buy someone else's right to the line.

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Editorial: Shenzhou elegant A560-i3 is 5199 yuan price of most of the game configuration notebook PCs. It comes with Intel Core Duo processor, 330M and IRF7416 NVIDIAGeForceGT335M i3 graphics card. 3DMark06 tests the graphics performance scores over 8000 points in the case of the best quality, play computer games currently on the market majority. Like to use laptop computers to play games consumers must consider this product.