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IRF840 Features

IRF840 Ratings

Lenovo ThinkPadT410i2516BEC LED-backlit 14.1-inch wide-screen (1280× 800 resolution) design, equipped with Intel Core Duo processor i3 330M (2.13GHz GHz / 3MB three-level cache), Intel QM57 chipset, 2GBDDR31066MHz memory, 320GB hard drive, RAMBO NVIDIAQuadroNVS3100M drive and IRF840 graphics card. Currently, it's dealers offer for 7799 yuan.

IRF840 Pinout

ThinkPadT410i2516BEC edit summary: ThinkPadT410i is ThinkPadT400 upgraded version, not only with a new generation of processors and IRF840 a new generation of professional graphics card, but also adds DisplayPort and eSATA interfaces, and interfaces with a new body design and new keyboard / touchpad design. Want to buy business class notebook consumers, it is absolutely necessary to give priority to this product.