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IRF840S Features

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November 1971 the world's first laser computer printer was born, marking a landmark areas of print and IRF840S start printing. Beginning of the laser printer in size, noise, warm and take a long time unsatisfactory print quality, can pay very expensive fees and fewer companies, but the fast pace of technological innovation, with the semiconductor laser development, computer controlled and laser printers become more sophisticated production technology, costs continue to decrease, to the last century 90's, laser printers, production and sales by leaps and bounds and began to spread. The last couple of years, market segmentation with the printer, black and white laser printers in the market began to occupy a certain important share of laser printing technology led to the popularity in this field. Because of the benefits of leading technology, laser printing more and more widely, in the printer market in recent years, strong development momentum, but prices are still more expensive, most low-end users are still on the sidelines, or select relatively cheap and still meet the basic needs of the PHYSICOCHEMICAL, looking forward to the era of universal laser printer prices.

IRF840S Pinout

Dual-color design with inside and IRF840S outside NECN160, internal display is 1.5 inch 65,536 color CSTN color screen with a resolution of 128 × 128 pixels, 65,536 color CSTN external screen is also a color screen with a resolution of 96 × 96 pixels, built-in 20 40-chord tone, the body can be kept 200 text messages and 500 phone book, you can add each contact the following four telephone information, as the M-Zone customized mobile phones, N160 also QQ numbers and addresses stored in memory.