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  The fund, launched in the UAE Bureau of Administrative Services. UAE Crown Prince attended the inauguration ceremony of the Fund, and IRFPF40PBF other representatives attended the meeting, including chiefs, ministers, BP, Shell, GE company, Total SA, RollsRoyce Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation, Jodco company, Mitsui, Fiat company and RwthAachen Company CEO.


Shantou LLDPE market price continued to fall, a little confusion. Domestic materials, Kyrgyzstan 7042 reported 14,500 yuan / ton, imported materials: 1002KW reported 15,000 yuan / ton, 3305 reported 15,000 yuan / ton. Shanghai LLDPE market price continued to fall, the business mentality in the doldrums, generally bearish on the outlook of domestic material: Daqing / Portland 7042 reported 15,000 yuan / ton, the Yangtze 7042 reported 15,100 yuan / ton, imported materials: 218W reported 15,500 yuan / ton, 1002KW reported 15,200 yuan / ton, Formosa 3224 reported 15,300 yuan / ton. Due to the significant downturn in crude oil, oil of East Chukujiage continued to fall, Hangzhou LLDPE market sentiment is still light, end demand continues to slump, offer to slightly down. Yangtze linear 15,100 yuan / ton.