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Shanghai reported】 【IT.com.cn As the notebook computer industry, a senior leader of the Shenzhou computer with a strong professional strength, excellent product quality and IRFPF50 perfect after-sales service, won the majority of Chinese consumers love. Adhere to the world of high-tech consumer products to send Shenzhou inexpensive computers to enhance performance has been at the core, steering function, appearance, ease of use and so comprehensive and balanced to enhance the core value of the cost advantages of a more feedback to consumers. Especially in the high-end sub-brand promotion elegant series of notebooks, the Shenzhou with excellent workmanship, top international excellence, frequently set off craze.

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Both introduced today an elegant and IRFPF50 graceful HP840 HP860, with 15.4-inch widescreen cool design. Which, HP840 with significant independence and PM45 512MG9600GS built Centrino 2 chipset platform technology, effective immediately, Kuangxiang 200 to 3,998 yuan after the kill limit price! The upgrade to the T6400 Core 2 Duo processor, elegant HP860, also stationed at 4,398 yuan after 200 Kuangxiang camp. Exquisite design, powerful performance and value price, the top two elegant Centrino 2 alone significantly cool the re-development of peerless elegance!