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Idle land is illegal real estate sites in cases of a type. Ministry of Land Resources in 1999, formally issued the "idle land management approach", in 2009 the State Council issued a more stringent "on Intensive Use of Land." Which calls for the land idle for two years, according to the law without compensation, and IRFPF50PBF resolutely to recover unpaid or re-arrange the use of; land idle for one year for less than two years, developers basis having to sell or transfer the land price to pay 20% of idle land fee; In addition, the Ministry will have to levy value-added land idle land.


Previously, on "released 1457 the Department of Homeland idle land 'blacklist'," the report became the focus of financial news. The media burst, the Ministry has been involved in a 1457 national form of idle land to the CBRC, CSRC risk investigation. According to April, "ten new countries," the provisions of speculation on the existence of idle land and IRFPF50PBF to conduct real estate development enterprises, commercial banks may not grant loans to new development projects, the Commission approved the listing of the relevant authorities to suspend, re-financing requirements and major asset restructuring .