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High Point, North Carolina in the United States at the Spring International Home {TodayHot} with exhibitions, known as the world's largest furniture exhibition. High point of the accounting firms in the survey conducted in recent years, the U.S. furniture retail sales fell nearly 10%, but retailers remain optimistic about the future. Fortunately, to participate in the international furniture exhibition in spring most of the industry, said sales performance than expected.


In the U.S. net worth hundred of millions, but the glass has a film manufacturer, the production of heat insulation, explosion-proof, bullet-proof, anti-radiation, protection, and IRFPG40PBF functional glass film is widely used in Europe and the United States to residential, commercial office buildings and other public buildings, and automotive protection, anti-radiation, beauty, decoration and other fields in the world enjoy a high reputation and word of mouth, is the world's three major manufacturers of glass film. The hundred {TodayHot} This was the result of strong in the recommended list, the reason is that it has the top U.S. team sent to China, have set up factories in China and set up operational headquarters, it is understood that the hundred and the glass film in China the field of energy saving is still fresh, especially the production base to visit the hundred and Beijing Operations Center, the Department saw the hundred in the warehouse of the most important logistics hub --- very large warehouse, every day here in Beijing in accordance with The headquarters of China operations orders, to shipping agents at all levels across the country hundred glass film.