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Performance, Fuji F50fd uses a 1/1.6 inch Super CCD sensor with 12 million recording pixels. Using a Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens, focal length equivalent to 35mm camera 36-108mm, the maximum aperture of F2.8-F8, sensitivity up to ISO6400, also, also introduces Fujifilm Fuji FinePixF50fd CCD shift optical image stabilization system, and IRFPG50PBF also loading its unique "Dual Image Stabilization" technology to make it function in the robust when shooting a moving object.


】 【IT.com.cn reports from Beijing as an ultra wide-angle card machine, Panasonic FX520 Panasonic FX series continues the advantage of wide-angle and IRFPG50PBF zoom in, the machine has a 25mm ultra wide-angle lens with the touch LCD screen is undoubtedly a selling point where, since the market widely praised by consumers, and now the aircraft reduced the price again, once again raise the price, in the business "famous technology", the latest selling price is only 1590 yuan, including: high-speed 4GB card to send the camera bag film.