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L4981A Features

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Interfaces, the Samsung R18-DY0N has 3 USB2.0, Six-card reader (MS / MSPro / SD / MMC / high-speed MMC / XDCard), VGA interfaces, RJ11, RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, security keyhole. Machine is equipped with 4-cell battery, weighs about 2.39Kg. Samsung R18-DY0N configuration is good, and L4981A also hit a record price of 3999 yuan Samsung Pentium dual-core notebook price. According to business disclose information, these products are sold, the replacement will be the Celeron dual-core processor, obviously, the sooner the purchase will make a processor.

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Gateway as the third largest brand, has strong strength, according to dealers who introduced the U.S. Navy military Gateway notebook, style is very strict. After entering the Chinese market, with market demand and L4981A technology continue to enhance the Gateway back CHEN new model, with its unique exterior style and low prices in the market to establish an excellent reputation. This cost-effective T-6825c Gateway Notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 14.1-bright widescreen, with the configuration of the mainstream and fashionable appearance. The current price drop from the previous 5,699 yuan 4,999 yuan now, it is shot.