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Now Centrino 2 platform notebook market is a big favorite, many laptops have introduced the concept. Of course there is full compliance with quality standards of Motion 2, but subject to cost constraints, not products to touch ball tactics, only partially used in the rapid formation of 2 platform. Toshiba SatelliteM320 introduced today is the case, although it is not configured powerful Core Duo 45nm dual-core processor, using the GM45 chipset, but still quite good, compared with GM965 things, in addition to increasing bandwidth, improved display performance, and LT1764EQ more powerful hardware decoding.

LT1764EQ Pinout

M320 is still in the exterior design continues the M300 series of style, smooth rounded body lines, highlighting the elements of fashion, the cabinet also stars paint techniques used agate, very beautiful. The screen, this notebook with a 14.1-inch widescreen display, support for the best resolution of 1280 × 800. Toshiba SatelliteM320 using Intel Pentium dual-core processor T3200 (2.0GHz, 1MB secondary cache), IntelGM45 chipset is the biggest bright spot, 1GB memory, 160GB hard drive, IntelGMAX4500M graphics, 14.1-inch ultra-bright widescreen was Bright, DVDSuperMulti double-layer burning CD-ROM drive, preloaded MicrosoftWindowsVistaHomeBasic operating system.