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All in all, this is priced at 7999 yuan Apire4720G-101G12 Acer notebook, so that the configuration of value in the notebook market in affordable, high cost performance, and MAX908CSD the operating system pre-installed WindowsVistaHomeBasic to make books more cost-effective prominent. The game feels like to experience the extraordinary, mobile office, friends can refer to this study books. [Price]: Acer Apire4720G-101G127999 element [business telephone] :020 -61026102 [Buy address]: Guangzhou, South China headquarters Yigao floor 101B # Guangzhou Landa

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Interfaces, the HP dv2621 has 3 USB2.0, 1 个 ExpressCard, built-in, xD, SD, MS, MSPro, MMC card reader, 1 IEEE1394a, VGA port, infrared port, S-VIDEO port, expansion slot Interface , RJ11, RJ45, voice input and MAX908CSD output sound hole, DC power jack, security keyhole. Network: 56KV.92 modem, built-in 10-100M LAN, 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN, IrDA infrared module. 14.1-inch WXGA widescreen, Resolution: 1280 × 800, BrightView bright screen. 6-cell lithium-ion, the whole about 2.43Kg (with 6 cell battery). This configuration still balance the books, but it is progress in a lot of graphics cards. HP DV2000 series regarded as the main model in the relatively high-end, and this is exactly the price of a lot of people can accept, coupled with good configuration, will inevitably become the choice for many friends, if they can upgrade the processor even more perfect. [Price]: HP DV2621TX [business telephone] :020 -6102610913710841806 [Buy Address]: South China headquarters in Guangzhou City, the first floor of Yigao Digital 106 [business telephone] :020 -6102613215989196640 Lee [Buy address]: Guangzhou Yi High-floor headquarters of South China 132 Digital