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In general, 160G large hard disk with the same excellent prices on other notebook, processors, while not very good, but has considered mid-range level, and MC14052BCP for all of us is a good choice, and should still have the price space. [Price]: Lenovo sun C462AT5200-B6999 element [business telephone] :020 -6102661713229941269 (Lee) [Buy Address]: South China, Guangzhou, Ego Digital Square headquarters a 116

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Lenovo launched in mid-October sun 467A series, the black box space, apparently with the white out of a C430A source. But it seems not much like the black reason, want to cut prices when lower prices. However, the configuration of this black box is not high, temper down big, that noise on the decrease. Using a T2330 processor, supports 64-bit, also equipped with support for DX10 in GF8400M significant independence. Now the price into 6199 yuan, breaking 6K? Just around the corner.