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In addition, to reward consumers has been the support and MC145152P2 love for Dell, Dell will be December 13, 2008 to 2009 Feb. 6 during the day, the first to carry out named "cattle people love 抢拍" a series of promotional activities. As "celebrate New Year, celebrate the holidays," the first wave hit, Dell will provide our customers new and old models of machines with many rich gifts, in addition to this classic of 1420, there are many outstanding models faithfully, which, being Interested parties can click on the view: "" cow gifts people love to 抢拍 Dell "campaign started."

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Samsung Q210, as the domestic market's first 12-inch Centrino 2 models, with unparalleled advantages. Generation of Core 2 Duo P8400 processor, allowing you to experience the feeling of non-general, configuration, large-capacity 250GB hard drive, enough to play a strong driving force. Since the advent of double, this extraordinary Samsung Xun 2 only 7999 yuan a small, but the value of 399 yuan to buy the gift of Stix game controller of a flash controller 200, can justifiably claim to be the first choice for fashion.