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Sony VGN-FW27 as this has been reduced in price in 2000, it is not the most generous gifts, in fact, the current seven series Sony VAIO laptop computer is carried out at the end of large-scale promotional activities, all products have Sword, gifts including VAIO travel suit bag, 2GMV portable storage U disk, fashion Notepad / mouse pad, etc., if you are interested in Sony's other books, may wish to Click to view: "Happy New Year, the Sony VAIO line of seven series Qi gifts."

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Business Notebook biggest advantage is durable and OP37GP stable. This requires to support many aspects, such as security: data backup, non-normal operation for the Protection of the hard disk; heat dissipation, portability, battery life: with customary business notebook does not require any significant independence, but with the evolution of the market, many business notebooks also has significant independence, no doubt to the heat and battery life books bring new challenges. In short, compared with an ordinary notebook, business notebook focuses on stability, durability and performance in these areas was excellent.