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PCM3001E Features

PCM3001E Ratings

Configuration, ASUS X51Q237RL-DR is equipped with Intel Pentium Dual Core T2370 processor, clocked at 1.73GHz, ATIRadeonXpress1100 chipset, graphics core integrated ATIRadeonXpress1100M, 512MBDDR2 memory, 120GB5400 rpm hard drive, built-in COMBO drive. Integrated Configuration of view, after a decent performance is also home models.

PCM3001E Pinout

Shenzhou carrier L237T standard 512M/128bitG8600MGS graphics card, it supports DX10, greatly improved graphics performance and PCM3001E also makes the picture even more perfect. Specific configuration: IntelPentiumDual-CoreT2370 processor, clocked at 1.73GHz, IntelPM965 series chipsets, NVIDIAGeForce8600MGS graphics card, 1GBDDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive, 15.4-inch widescreen magnificent, COMBO drive, built-in wireless card IntelPro/Wireless3945ABG802.11a/b/g , the whole weight of about 2.3 kg.