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In summary, this price of 7599 yuan Lenovo Tianyi F50, the overall performance is very strong, to have this configuration in the price of the notebook look very little in the 8K, Tianyi F50 notebook in the same type of cost is very prominent. A key feature Lenovo Shuttle, highlights the performance of this entertainment notebook. Another configuration of this notebook is also very suitable for game users, the configuration of dual-core alone was to ensure the smooth screen playing games, while 15-inch large screen gives the user a stunning visual effect.

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Of course, the price of 9599 yuan 8999 yuan compared with 14-inch Asus Tianyi F41 compared with the more cost-effective, and PIC18F452I/PT 15-inch entertainment for the family, no matter where the game is to enjoy the film more Fei. [Price]: Lenovo Tin Yat F51AT54509599 element [Telephone] :020 -6102661713229941269 (Miss Li) [Buy Address]: South China, Guangzhou, Ego Digital Square headquarters a 116