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W508 support up to 2048X1536 static JPG image recording and Q5112C1N QVGA/30fps the MP4 video recording, supports VGA resolution, 4 frame continuous shooting, and features three images can be spliced into 1664X416 panoramic photography. While the W508 is a pity that features built-in gravity sensor, but the system only in the "media" interface will be the role of (self-rotation display pictures), so users across the vertical grip mobile phones to take pictures in the computer is still a "lying down "landscape, and requires the user to adjust itself rotate.

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As a walkman series W508, the music naturally put the walkman interface style. But are not part of the W508 series of high-end models 7,9, there is no "cleanaudioexperience" blessing of the W508 is just under the interface using walkman3.0 only, with the standard headphones are not new version of the HPM- 77-ear headphones. Evaluation staff through listening to their own use HPM-77, I feel a lot of W508 just low-noise reduction (and possibly HPM-77 noise reduction effect), bass strong but not the original, the overall tendency to compare the average sound quality. The FM radio function while W705 is no change, still need headset as antenna.