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10.6-inch widescreen to attain the magnificent heritage Shenzhou elegant Q100C with 10.6-inch glossy screen, highlight the magnificent, with a fuller than traditional LCD screen and QMV432BT5 more vivid color reproduction, resolution up to 1280x768, 16:9 aspect ratio more in line with the human eye visual habits, to bring a broader perspective, to provide users with the best visual enjoyment! Light machine weight and color, is the fashion of choice for your good Oh! Thousands of FREE digital photo frame! 10.6 "magnificent display of the Shenzhou elegant Q100C detonated 5888 for only 5888 yuan is not only elegant Q100C 1199 yuan worth of FREE digital photo frame, but also built-in multimedia shortcut keys, and two power 1W stereo speakers, through careful designed to bring users in sound quality, while mildly touching, yet stylish beauty. so you get rid of numerous world, think more light. Now you can buy to enjoy the value of 168 yuan 1888 yuan low value of the Shenzhou-super gift set, chance Not to be missed! For more information on the Shenzhou notebook, please click http://dzb.hasee.com/msg/ad/hasee.html. To order, please call the Shenzhou Toll Free (800-999-6859), not open 800 area can dial 0755-84710051 phone, you can enjoy the exclusive upgrade for your personalized custom services!

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Guangzhou reports】 【IT.com.cn Lenovo ThinkPadR61e large hard drive models 7649-AG2 price fell to 4,999 yuan from 5,500 yuan to become the post following the 7649-8XC another low-cost models. At present, Guangzhou has been succession in various shipping businesses, like black friends do not miss this. The same as the previous ThinkPadR60e positioning, ThinkPadR61e will still be in the low-end, and QMV432BT5 this R61e-AG2 naturally become the lowest priced products in the Thinkpad.