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QMV902BH5 Features

QMV902BH5 Ratings

OPPO's most mobile phones with similar, P51 is a simple and QMV902BH5 straightforward with straight shape, body measurements are: 115 × 50 × 14.5mm, the figures relative to the previous models did not change significantly. Perhaps mobile phones to take hardware upgrade, body weight is slightly increased, reaching 130g. Themes color to the cool color-based, blue ink in front of the fuselage for the background, made of brushed panel, which together with ABS OPPO common injection molding techniques, into a mirror covered with a cell phone protection. Side of the fuselage is steel brass, piano black and dark gold to sing the main show, as a fluorescent green ribbons to add Smart dark areas of color, appears to spring.

QMV902BH5 Pinout

OPPOP51 four-dimensional navigation key is still used together with silver trim round the block form, and QMV902BH5 left and right soft key and answer / end key is a significant change, OPPOP51 merge them into two round buttons, were placed both sides in the navigation key, users need to use to adapt to this change slowly. Numeric keypad is still using the crystal form of side bar buttons, arranged neatly under the navigation keypad. Overall, the keys feel the intensity is moderate, accurate positioning, basic satisfactory.