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Interfaces is quite rich, with three USB2.0 Interface, 1 multi-card reader (xD, SD, SDPRO, MS, MSPro, MMC), 1 个 ExpressCard expansion card slot, and QS3244Q the interface IEEE1394a, VGA Interface , HDMI Interface, RJ11 interfaces, RJ45 interface, one each. Overall, this Lenovo IdeaPad Young days V450A Although the general configuration, but the performance still is worthy of use, price is relatively kind, it is not too high on the video performance requirements of the general business office users and students, friends considered.

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Shanghai reported】 【IT.COM.CN notebook market in the hot July Shucu more and QS3244Q more popular, the event has grown intense, the degree of price discount to make you raspberry! Samsung laptop which burst the freezing point is price, which is three more than fun to imagine the impact of the summer low-cost market, the price of 3999,4999 and 5999 yuan enough to trigger a big earthquake!&Ldquo; Icy Summer freezing prices” of large Shucu activities in July 10 has officially begun, and will continue until August 14, the course will give the consumer more than a month brought about a profound memory of a lifetime.