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Fujitsu S6240 series also continues the classic S, using the screen cover to enhance strength aluminum-magnesium alloy and QS32X245Q2 after grinding treatment, feel good. The appearance of dark reddish brown color with the main color, with black matte trim, giving the elegant atmosphere. Configuration, using a Pentium M730 processor with 1.6GHz, 2MCache. Memory is 256M of DDR333, hard disk capacity of up to 80G, the motherboard uses the Intel915PM ICH6-M chip combination. Equipped with a double-layer DVD burner, the screen is 13.3 'gorgeous screen. This configuration can be said to be very high end of the. Interfaces, including interface, 3 USB2.0, VGA, LAN, Modem, IEEE1394, mini S-Video output, HDAudio input, HDAudio output ports.

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