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【IT.com.cn Shanghai reported ASUS EeePC specifically tailored for the family of the young fashion model --- Asus introduced a Bright EeePC1001PQ, get the latest news, the aircraft has arrived, a high-profile appearance at the supermarkets, like Friends may wish to lot of attention. The model is its most stunning sultry Colorful beautiful design, very suitable for young people focus group fashion edge, innovative introduction of colorful stripes, present their case spiritual preferences change stripes, both Colorful Personality Wei Mei tone and QS3383Q balance the elements. ASUS EeePC1001PQ a slim, only 1.1KG, while the airplane purchase was only 2,799 yuan, cost-effective fashion ultra-portable fashion for the young group in this family add infinite power.

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Shanghai reported】 【IT.com.cn concern Asus EeePC last full arrival of the fourth generation of them targeted at the mainstream mass market 1015PED the first to bring a very new experience. Intrinsic properties of the models is very strong, with Intel PineTrail platform, using new AtomN455/N475 processor, and QS3383Q equipped with 1GBDDR3 memory, greatly enhance the frequency bandwidth, but also the introduction of Bluetooth3.0 and WiFi802.11b/g/n, will greatly enhance the speed of network links.