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Configuration, FOUNDERR610R-460 platform with four Intel Centrino technology with Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5450 (Processor speed 1.66GHz, secondary cache 2MB, FSB 667MHz), Intel 965GM chipset and SP3232ECY Intel 3945ABG wireless card. Storage space, R610R-460 has 1GDDR Ⅱ memory, 160G large-capacity hard drive, built-in double-layer DVD burner. R610R-460 also comes with a WindowsVistaHomeBasic operating system.

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Haier as a traditional home appliance giants in recent years in the notebook industry is booming, as a new force, Haier is the only brand in the domestic league Intel, as Intel in China, Haier is now the most intimate partners in the Intel platform SantaRosa to the market, Haier to come up with the latest S60 series, this model reduced to 6999 yuan from 8999 yuan after, no down, and SP3232ECY now can send 1GBU purchase offer.