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TC4066BP Features

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Interface: USB2.0 compatible with 2 ports, an IEEE-1394a4-pin port, 15-pin VGA video interface, RJ-4510/100 with RJ-1156kv.92, three in one multi-media memory card reader SD / SDIO / MMC, PC Card slot, microphone input and TC4066BP headphone output jack, security cable slot, a USB-based Bluetooth internal daughter card slot, AC adapter port, 1 internal mini-card slot (WLANminicard), an option for Bluetooth USB card slot.

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Centrino 2 laptops in power is an indisputable fact, and TC4066BP brought the entire notebook product line shuffling - a new technology, fit in with designs for different consumer groups launched a difference configuration. Seeing Centrino 2 peak and everyone was confused, Centrino 2 notebook is essentially the game is? Currently on the market is basically the standard Centrino 2 notebook with discrete graphics, whether they were performance alone, as if the notebook alone significantly determine the future. Size 14-inch and above 90% of the notebook is equipped with discrete graphics, and set there was only a little 12-inch and 13-inch body, the absence of significant demand independence for consumers, and perhaps some not start.