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At the fair, you will see modern and TC74HC02AP simple series, the European fashion line, fashion personality series, garden and leisure series, the international office furniture series, these new stylish furniture {TodayHot} to 5 fold lower prices, such as the fashion sofa for only 1180 yuan, "Colorful Rattan" rattan sofa (5) ... ... and for only 2280 yuan Carnation homes, Dinos, beaming, wind and other brands of furniture special treatment. "Not the same as the price of goods! Last saw in this leather sofa to 5,000 yuan, are only able to buy more than 2800 yuan, and can replace the old sofa at home." Buying a sofa at home in the hippocampus Miss Liu said.

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Why have recently discounted the furniture? Why so low discount? ... ... Furniture store some of the brand furniture dealer told reporters that the replacement of furniture very quickly, usually the manufacturer Furniture Fair in March launched a number of new products, so in order to bring the latest most fashionable furniture, general dealer clearance to be some of the goods after the Spring Festival. In addition, discount furniture, there are many reasons, such as the furniture store will be discounted when engaging in activities, when the clearance will be discounted furniture, new furniture will also want to seize the market discount ... ... These are all in order to attract more consumer who patronize.