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Achieved "significant results" is that we have properly take the most difficult step. This next stage of development laid a solid foundation, but also to the whole society that the hope to further enhance the confidence and TDA8542TS/N1 determination. At the same time, we need to see: Right now, the province has entered a new stage of integration of coal resources, in the mines and large-scale transfer of the upgrade and take over the critical period. We must maintain a clear understanding. You know, there is much work needs to promote a solid, there are a number of specific issues need to seriously work hard to resolve.

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"Barry is only half of the line ninety." Departments at all levels must further strengthen the corporate sense of responsibility and TDA8542TS/N1 urgency, strengthen leadership, strengthen the responsibility. Facing both opportunities and pressure to grit your teeth, dare to take the big bang, accelerating; correctly handle the relationship between safety and production, does not exist the slightest weakness, chances to enhance coal mine safety supervision, to ensure safety in production. Accordance with the provincial government's "look back, pushing forward" the work requirements, focus on key, meticulous organization. The current focus is to improve the efficiency, speed up the pace of integration and restructuring work; to ensure security, provide protection for the re-integration; solid foundation to ensure high standards of integration and restructuring of the mine started.