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France is a sentimental people, they like to try all kinds of new things. This is the Louis XV period furniture was particularly prominent, and TIBPAL16R615CN the period furniture, including the Islamic style and drawing Chinese palace garden oriental elements, consumers can feel some of the details of French furniture. In Xiyingmen "Goldman" exhibition, people will be able to see the period of Louis XV style graceful and elegant home. For experts, and Louis XIV Baroque masculinity with men than furniture, Rococo furniture, Louis XV period is more graceful and charming with women, the latter of furniture size small, compared suitable for modern small apartment, so popular has not changed.

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The art of Italian furniture style deeply influenced by humanism. The solemn period furniture looks thick, rough lines, with Greek and TIBPAL16R615CN Roman architectural features, and more reflect on the humanism in the arts of color and trend emerging bourgeoisie, but also to the human body as a decorative theme in a lot of furniture. Pay attention this time series matching indoor furniture, but also the emergence of a long couch box, which is later "sofa" in shape. Consumers may wish to Xiyingmen "Royal" to experience a furniture showroom, whether it is Michael Mann series, if the Burr family, or Frank Kezi series of furniture, all in silence to show that far-reaching impact on the world s atmosphere.