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TLC1543IDBR Features

TLC1543IDBR Ratings

  For this camera, the most caught my eye, of course, the proportion of the world's first 16:9 CCD wide-angle compact digital camera. The increased size of the camera 1/1.65 inch CCD, the pixels to 8.6 million. Image size in the normal 3:2 and TLC1543IDBR 4:3 switch freely between the various functions in the card machine is definitely a breakthrough technology. In this highly on the LX1 also used VenusEngineII processor, there is no doubt that imaging will enable us to eagerly. Has 2 modes of MEGAO.IS Panasonic exclusive image stabilization device also allows us to easily shoot a lot. 2.5-inch LCD viewfinder has 207,000 pixels of, I believe that will display is very satisfied. Rich in shooting mode suitable for the elderly and children photography. Work on this machine also did not affect the strong appearance of fashion, in my opinion LX1 is ideal for those seeking a taste of men. This machine has now been listed overseas, it is estimated will soon be able to see it on the shelves of our presence.

TLC1543IDBR Pinout

  also in the 800-megapixel Konica Minolta X1 uses the periscope 3 times optical zoom lens, this lens when the zoom lens does not protrude more Konica Minolta shows the care and TLC1543IDBR thought in this machine intentions, while the first periscope lens is Konica Minolta users. 1/1.8 inch CCD with CxProcessIII image processor, ensuring the quality of the image. From the shape of the design, we found very similar with the Sony T3. X1 in the fashion shows or put down in front of the shelf to cater to the fashion trends. But the 2.5-inch LCD viewfinder has only 118,000 pixels, the number so I am a bit disappointed. After all, the quality of the LCD viewfinder of the war machine in the card is very important weapon. And 10cm macro was not much prominent place. On this machine should be those more interested in fashion MM have it.