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1 July total, the city's investment in fixed assets, 155.602 billion yuan, an increase of 43.3%. Among them, the real estate investment 43.999 billion yuan, up 25.1% monthly growth rate was accelerating trend. Housing sales continue to decline, the cumulative 1 July, the city's real estate sales fell 10.4%. Contract amount of real estate sales increased 19.1% year on year, an increase of more than 1 to 6 months total down 4.5 percentage points.

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"By buying a 'Mercedes-Benz 500' car prices, may not purchase an Italian classical style of the bed." Cappelletti stone bed with a 22 million, a sofa VidalGrau 30 million, the highest single price price up to 68 Italian Rozzoni Aigui million. It is 3,000 square meters in Beijing Yang Da Vinci furniture supermarket commodity prices. Its existence at least, the classic beauty has the ability to conquer all of humanity. Chinese consumers on the requirements of European classical furniture is entirely imported, not like in the domestic assembly. Starting from this demand, the Italian manufacturer will soon launch a certificate of origin. According to the change of life, classical furniture, the product will continue to inject some new elements and TLC2652CN energy to meet the needs of the times. So sought after by contemporary classical furniture, should be referred to as "neoclassical." For example CAPPELLETTI furniture, through the "Da Vinci" cooperation and to enter the Chinese market for six years. In the meantime, products to maintain the original traditional style, but also according to the needs of the Chinese market, such as size and color on some adjustments.